Can you believe it?! The start of our GREAT UK ADVENTURE is finally here!!!!!!!! I am so glad you’re adventuring with us, but before we head out let’s make sure everyone has everything they need? Cozy slippers? An old jumper to keep you extra snuggly? How about a cuppa tea? No?! Ok, I’ll wait…

Alright. All settled in? Then let’s do this!

The British Museum! Aren’t you, like, so glad you flew in early for this extra excursion. I am!

So I just have to start by saying that this is a real dream come true. I’ve wanted to not only visit the British Museum since I was a kid, but work there too. I know what you’re thinking. “What kid dreams of visiting a museum?” This kid! Growing up I wanted to be an Archeologist / Egyptologist more than anything and I got it in my head that my career was heading to the British Museum or bust.

I’m sure it comes at no surprise that the first stop on this tour is the infamous Egyptian Room. Not only is the collection massive, it is also displayed in the most beautiful space. The grandness of the gallery, and size of the sculptures and artifacts, make you feel like a little kid discovering something you love for the first time all over again. I tried to convey that with the opening illustration. I love drawing architecture and artifacts so this one was a lot of fun!

The museum is HUGE, so it’s impossible to see everything in one afternoon. I mainly focused on Egyptian, Assyrian & The Enlightenment Gallery (which represents an 18 century cabinet of curiosities & explores the development of archeology). They have a suggested TOP 10 things to see in 1 hour, but instead I just explored while focusing on the areas I knew I just couldn’t miss. Lets take a look at the map, shall we?

As you can see, I included a few must-see items, plus a few extras like where to grab a latte and where to get your shopping on. About 2 hours in we went in search for coffee. Such Americans. I knew I would need to caff up if I was going to keep going! The giant Latte on the map is where you can get a warm coffee or tea and even a scone if you fancy. After some liquid pep, we headed out to the atrium. The main “center” of the museum is quite the looker. The Reading Room occupies the center with stairs on each side that lead to the second level and a Cafe. Under the stairs, you’ll find shopping to meet all your gifting needs (no Harry Potters live there, unfortunately). Oh, and, yes, this map is to scale, so feel free to use it while touring the museum. Lol, J/K… that would be one giant cuppa coffee, and the magna carta is a big deal but it doesn’t take up quite so much space.

Ok, confession time. I didn’t get to see the Easter Island Head. I know, I know! So shameful. But there was so much to see and I just got overwhelmed! Uuuhhh, I guess I’ll just have to go back and see it next time. *sarcasm alert* Oh, darn…




Above is a sketch of one of my favorite parts of the Assyrian Collection, and a couple of poor souls that are geographically and directionally challenged. We’ve all been there, even though we paid two pounds for a map.

The British Museum was amazing, but my absolute favorite part of the day was when we were leaving. Just outside the museum there was a guy selling caramelized peanuts and almonds from a street cart. The wind was blowing, golden leaves were falling everywhere and it smelled (‘smelt’ in the local parlance) amazing. It was the perfect fall moment in late summer.

And that’s about it! It was a lovely time, and the fulfillment a childhood dream. NBD.

BTW…Anyone know where the cart kiosk reference is from? Comment below if ya know!


Whew! I don’t know about ya’ll but I am exhausted. I think it’s time to put our feet up, snuggle the dog and have another cuppa. What do ya think? I’m really into Bengal Spice right now. It’s warm and spicy and goes perfect with a Biscoff biscuit for dunking! I’m a major dunker! I might just have to sketch some proof of my dunking bonafides…

So the next time we meet up will be on the ship as we start our British Isles Adventure Cruise!

Having a bit of FOMO from missing out on the earlier posts? Feel free to start back at the beginning with OUR GREAT U.K. ADVENTURE post. Plus, follow along with #kmrgreatukadventure to see exclusive illustrations posted only on instagram!




British Museum #kmrgreatukadventure


October 25, 2018

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