Yay!!!! It’s Folktale Week! Wait, you don’t know what Folktale Week is?! Wow. You are soooo lucky to be reading this post then, because #folktaleweek is amazing! Let me explain. Every year a group of illustrators get together and create prompts based around folktales. A week before it starts, they announce them on Instagram. Each day of the entire week has a new theme. Anyone can participate! Plus you can interpret the prompts anyway you like. They don’t have to relate to each other, but if you want them to that’s good, too. Once the week begins, all you gotta do is post your sketch that relates to that day’s prompt. Oh, and be sure to use the hashtags #folktaleweek2018 and #folktaleweek. The illustrators running it post their personal favorites in their stories on Instagram, and at the end of the week they will feature their overall favorites in their feed! Even If you don’t participate, it’s a total blast to see what people come up with. Illustrators from all over the world participate, so it’s a great way to meet new people and make connections.
This is my first year participating. I know, right?! I am extra enthused, if you couldn’t tell.

Folktale Week 2018 Prompts: Nov. 12th -18th

  1. Forest
  2. Magic
  3. Witch
  4. Ghost
  5. Insect
  6. Mirror
  7. Animal

For my prompts, I am going to be threading them together with one character. When I started sketching for this series, I started with the animal prompt because I had something specific in mind. This was maybe stupid since animal is the last post of the week, but, yeah, I liked it so much I figured I would do the rest of the prompts based around the character I created, Squire the Squirrel. I always have an easier time creating when there are parameters involved, even if they’re self imposed. I hate it when people are like, “just do what ever you want”, which is why when I create for Reyn Paper Co I tend to work in collections.

I’m excited and terrified about this project all at the same time. Oh, and to complicate things even more I am going to work in a new medium: colored pencils. So this should be interesting!



Since I want to draw as many prompts as my fingers can manage, I am hitting pause on my #100dayproject and my #kmrgreatukadventure. So, if you haven’t joined us yet on our recent trip around the British Isles, there’s still time to catch up before my new post next week! And, if you’ve got some free time, head over to Instagram and check out all the amazing art under the hashtag #folktaleweek2018.






November 13, 2018

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