Spring is already here and Summer is fast approaching! I just love those long summer days, hours in the garden and adventuring with friends. With that in mind I wanted to create a new “Thank you” postcard to include in your orders! Instead of just designing 1 new card I created 4 designs all within one theme, WILD FLOWERS! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been slowly chipping away at National Park Map Prints. I recently finished Yellowstone National Park. While researching for the illustration I discovered it contains HUNDREDS of wild flowers. I started sketching them for fun and quickly decided I had to do something with them! And so our new thank you post cards where born!

Each postcard has a wild flower sketch with the name of the plant. The backgrounds have subtle patterns on them to create the feel of natural rice paper and they each feature a strip of “washi tape” to make it feel like you are getting an actual look into someones sketchbook. Below are the 4 designs. I can’t wait to get them in the studio and see how they turned out. I’ll post an update when they arrive.






Wild Flower Postcards


May 6, 2019

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