As creative entrepreneurs our day to day task lists are never ending. If you are anything like me, the second you finish something or achieve that goal you set out to complete you are on to the next item on that never ending task list without a pat on the back or even a sigh of relief. And while you can’t celebrate every little win, don’t you think there should be some sort of balance when it comes to acknowledging wins? Let me answer that for you… YES!

If you’re anything like me, you can be like a dog with a bone when it comes to goal chasing. Your tunnel vision is so extreme that you convince yourself nothing else is more important than this one thing! But alas, the second you reach the summit you are already on to the next task without giving your current goal status a second thought. And while yes, having drive to keep pushing on is a good, it can also be a bit damaging in the long run.

You’re probably thinking, “Like, how bad is it really?” Well I’ll tell you. It’s worse than you think!

No matter what you say, if you are a creative entrepreneur you are goal and achievement driven. There is just no way around it. How else do you explain your drive to keep going day in and day out while being sleep deprived? It’s just fact. We set goals, we work towards those goals and we then achieve said goals. Then on to the next… But here in lies the problem. When you don’t take time to appreciate your wins, you forget them. Weeks pass by and you start to feel like you are running in place. Frustration sets in and you feel like you are stuck and can’t seem to make any progress. But here is the thing. It’s not true!!!! You have been checking off goals and tasks and achieving all sorts of amazing things. You just forgot.

I am so guilty of this! It’s like, ridiculous. Here are just a few examples of my crazy…

Recently I got a reorder from a big box store that has been my dream client since before I can remember. Not only is this a big deal because this is all I have wanted for like ever, but this was their 4th large reorder of the same product. Meaning they are selling the items successfully! Not only is this just fantastic news, It also shows me that the new direction we are taking our company is the right decision! But of course, about 2 weeks later I started having panic attacks about whether we’ve made the right decision in regards to the future of our company . I had spent no time celebrating this win. So I had literally forgotten about it. It wasn’t till my husband reminded me till I realized I could bench the panic attack for another day! I got myself worked up over nothing.

Want another…

I worked months to launch new wholesale website.  Got 2 orders within the first few days and a week after that I was having a meltdown that we needed to be getting more wholesale orders. Uh…. What? Yeah, I like literally forgot about the orders cause I was so focused on the next project.

Want one even better? Hold my beer…

I have always been a fan of the promos paper companies put out to showcase all the things you can do with there products. I collect them religiously! To me, that has always been one of the best design jobs available. You are hired to push the envelope and inspire others with your design. The skies the limit! So when I was asked to create the packaging for Legion Paper’s: NSS Class of 70′ promo I was stoked. This is all I wanted to do.  After delivering a well received design I had a taste and wanted more. When I was asked the next year to design the wallet for Legion Paper’s Show Me The Money NSS Promo I wanted to knock there socks off. My goal was to not only create a great portfolio piece for myself but to make something so unique people couldn’t resist the urge to line up and participate. Not only did the piece turn out better than I could have ever imagined, I got an article in Stationery Trends Magazine featuring the design.

But you know where this is going, don’t you? About a month later I had one of my biggest creative slumps to date. I felt like a total failure. All I could focus on was the bad. I felt under-appreciated design wise and like I was a total hack in the stationery world. Yes, I am aware that this makes no sense. But I let this huge achievement come and go. I reached my goal and was on to the next thing. But I never took time to revel in my win. I was over it before I could even really appreciate the job well done.

We need to be as kind to ourselves as we are to others. Take time to celebrate. Give yourself a pat on the back. Have a treat yourself day! Buy that slice of cake you’ve been eying. You may feel like it’s a waist of time now but imagine all the time you’ll save in the long run when you don’t have to walk back a panic attack or recover from an emotional break down. Trust me, cake is the better option!


Ya know what, I think I’m gonna go get a piece right now!


Good job me!




How Bad Is It… Really?


September 15, 2018

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